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What is BUSTLE™?

BUSTLE™ is a software solutions designed specifically for the road freight industry. It is made up of 5 modules that align with industry standards that meet all tiers of the transport market from ultimate customer, through tier 1 carriers down to SME’s.

How long has BUSTLE™ been going?

Founded in 2015 BUSTLE™ is a modern entrant to technology in the transport industry. Leveraging the founders knowledge of industry is what has provided the foundation of the solution design.

Who are the current users?

BUSTLE™ currently has customers at all 3 segments of the market from ultimate customer, Tier 1 and SME’s. Existing clients are publicly listed mining companies overseeing carrier networks, tier 1 carriers servicing EPCM and FMCG contracts and a mixture of SME’s with private client bases or servicing Tier 1 & 2 carriers as overflow sub-contractors.

What type of road freight operation would benefit from this software?
  • Taxi truck companies
  • General carriers with consolidation & regional depot/agent networks
  • Container movements on/off wharfs (1Stop integration)
  • Bulk carriers i.e. Fuel, grain etc
  • Heavy Haulage
  • Project work
  • Carriers with client contractual obligations requiring automation
Is the pricing flexible to meet my organisation?

BUSTLE™ can review payment tiers relevant to modules used i.e. Compliance + Op’s could be replaced with Op’s + Finance. Adopting an IoT approach Bustle see’s some modules not used in conjunction lead to poorer experience. An example if this is not having finance and assets enabled means you cannot start to ingest asset related data to payloads in your accounting platforms etc.

Does BUSTLE™ lock you in to contracts for set periods of use?

No – BUSTLE™ is SaaS and you pay as you require the system. If our solution is not working for your business you can leave at the end of your billing cycle.

If I decide to stop using BUSTLE™ can I still get my data out?

Yes, BUSTLE™ will work with you to export all your relevant data in any of our supported formats to where you would like it to be sent. If required to be stored for longer we can also set up some short term agreements towards on-going storage or a scoped transition plan to your specified place.

What are BUSTLE™ payment terms for subscriptions?

BUSTLE™ invoices mid-month using previous months system usage as the count. Payments are due on the 1st of each month for that month of use.

Does BUSTLE™ remove access if I don’t pay my bill?

We know if you are using our tool to run your business, it is a critical component towards business continuity and generating revenue. Ability to resolve in a reasonable time period can be arranged however should payment terms not be met in-line with our billing, it can result in access being revoked until resolved.

How is my data protected from my competitors?

Each organisations portal is a stand-alone data contained in a bucket within our database. Portals can be connected to share select information however no system to system visibility is available.

What happens if BUSTLE™ goes offline?

Moving your business digital is a big decision so BUSTLE™ knows it must have contingencies to being taken offline. Using GCP (Google) as our hosting tool we are subject to their uptime. We operate to the 3 9’s principal of being online 99.9% of the year. Since inception we have not been offline for any extended periods of time that would impact a carriers digital approach.

“The design of BUSTLE™’s modules, ability to implement their system without manuals shows they understand the industry, and the people in it.”


BUSTLE™ is fast to implement into any system and simple to operate.



Designed to optimise driver experience and adoption. Easy to start, stop and edit with quick processing times for driver fatigue, with live tower control desktop review and reconciliation.


BUSTLE™ is fast to implement into any system and simple to operate.


Easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to speak to. BUSTLE™ thrives on making the complex simple, call us to discuss what you are missing from your software.